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Topic: They should have just given the boards to the trolls.

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.8 year ago #1,664

They clearly have not had the resources to police the textboards, as they lately have just been censoring anything that gets reported.

I left these boards when I posted a few criticisms about Redcream and the posts would just be deleted entirely. No trolling required. Just valid criticisms of a fanboys dream.

I would rather post in an uncensored space anyway. People should be allowed to speak their mind. Cyberbullies can be placed on ignore. Bang, done.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 9 minutes later[Top] #5,176

The boards already did belong to the trolls. It's a reason why a lot of people are happy the place is closing. 4ct boards have a terrible rep.

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 2 months ago, 1.6 year later, 1.6 year after the original post[Top] #5,296

would you rather live on earth with double the current world population or be the only human on earth?

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