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Topic: Point me in the right direction.

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.8 year ago #1,672

For god's sake please, Someone help me. Point me in the right direction; Give me someone to call.

I'm a 21 year old male who has gotten a 22 year old unstable, suicidal, depression, bi-polar schizophrenic girl pregnant. I currently live off with my parents. I don't have a steady income.

I've known this girl for about 2years now, and I was with her for 9 months. It wasn't until 7 months into our relationship she started to show her true colors. In the span of our 9 month relationship she has: Belittled and slandered me to her friends and family, Claimed I hit - yelled and abused her, Manipulated me / My family / Her friends, assaulted me, threatened to stab me, faked a scandal where her naked images were leaked to her family and friends (She was the one who sent them), Ran away from home 3 times leaving behind suicidal notes, Was hospitalized, at least 7 times, was arrested at least 2 times, Been admitted to a mental facility on at least 4 separate occasions, bugged my phones, monitored my e-mail messages and Skype, accused me of cheating on her while she cheated on me, lied to me about the absolute smallest things during and after our relationship, as well as leaked my home address and phone number to a homeless man she met within the psychiatric ward.

I broke up with her in late November. And it just so happens BY SOME TURN OF DUMB LUCK(?) that the very last time we had sex she happened to get pregnant with a child. Now she's dragged me back into her disgusting mess by claiming to be pregnant on Facebook to her hundreds and hundreds of friends who don't know any better about her and believe me to be some lowlife sick fuck who left her 'in her time of need'. As it turns out she IS actually pregnant and claims the child to be mine. And with only a few weeks left to get an abortion she won't make up her mind on what to do with this child. She's almost leaning towards having the kid just to spite me, to ruin my life and bring me down with her.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 1 minute later[Top] #5,187

Stuck your dick in crazy. You made this bed, sleep well

Skankhunt42 !j6i/CCD4ys joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 9 minutes later, 11 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,188

Push her down the stairs.

Anonymous A joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 5 minutes later, 16 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,189

She's even went as far as to claim that if she has this kid she might slam it against the wall, Torture it, drown it, and shoot it as well as her self. There has to be some law against this??? There has to be someone I can talk to to stop her from keeping this child and dragging me along for another 22 years of this bullshit? Surely she can't just pop one out after all of this??? I don't know what to do. I'm emotionally unwell and financially not fit to raise a child. I can't even wipe my own ass let alone a childs.

Anonymous E joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 3 minutes later, 20 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,190


Just on the chance that this is legit, here's what you do.

Show her that you're willing to raise this kid solo, if you have to. If she's just trying to spite you, she'll probably terminate, and you're ready to roll.

If she DOES have it, get a paternity test.

I've had a few different women get themselves knocked up, then try to tell me it was mine because they wanted me to raise it and pay for their bullshit. For two of them, the timing didn't work. For the other two, I had a pat test done, and it wasn't mine.

There's a good chance that she just fucked someone else, then is claiming its yours because you make more money / are less of a douchebag / have better prospects / have better family connections or whatever else.

So, if it IS yours, then man up, and raise that kid as far from her as possible. If you have 60% residency (so kid is with you 60% of the time) then she's paying you child support. At least that's how it works where I live.

Look up the difference between Custody and Residency, lawyer up, and know your rights.

If you can demonstrate drugs, instability, or whatever else, you can probably win custody without too much trouble.


You can download a full copy of your Facebook history, for instance, with every chatlog and post.

Get a copy of hers, if you can, for a full record of the posts she's made slandering you.

Good luck, dude.

Anonymous F joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 4 minutes later, 24 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,192

You would think after being hospitalized, arrested, admitted etc. etc. etc. that someone would call into question whether she's fit for child birth but that doesn't seem to be the case. She's not even restricted by law in any way, shape or form. She's free to go to and from as she pleases, spam my family's phone, post more lies onto her social media. I would LOVE to put a restraining order on her, believe me but I can't do it while she's with a positive pregnancy.

Anonymous G joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 2 minutes later, 27 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,193

@OP Hah if she's pregnant you're fucked mate. I was in the exact same situation, only my girl was bluffing just to get me back. Bitches be crazy. Why plant a seed in crazy?

Anonymous H joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 2 minutes later, 29 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,194

Kill yourself. She won't have any more reason to keep the baby so she'll abort. Then j/k and alive yourself. Then don't stick your dick in crazy

Anonymous E joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 3 minutes later, 33 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,195

And another thing — I did have a kid when I was about your age (though, under circumstances very different from yours) and it's alright. It's not half as hard as you think it is, and you'll do a lot of growing up in the first year or two.

So if it IS yours, and you get that kid away from this woman (and get a restraining order, and push for supervised access failing that), you'll be alright.

if it's NOT yours, and a pat test proves it, then don't fuck up again until you're ready.

Seriously, good luck, dude.

Anonymous A joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 3 minutes later, 36 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,196

The most I can do at this point is pray I get custody of this child, which as you make it out to be doesn't seem to hard. I don't understand how someone like her could be allowed to birth given the mental state that she's in when time and time again she's proven to be a danger to herself and others. It's seriously life changing especially since I've had plans to at least finish school. Come this child and I don't think that will be possible. I fucked up.
I almost wish I could be suicidal like her.

Anonymous K joined in and replied with this 2 months ago, 1.6 year later, 1.6 year after the original post[Top] #5,286

> get old wood table for free
> need some cleanup
> sand the top
> apply 2 coats of finishing oil
> looks alright but I want a more "shine" to it
> apply beeswax
> let it sit over night since it said to leave it for 5 hours
> try to wipe of the wax the next morning
> it's like gum and I can't get it off
> try the water and vinegar thing but it doesn't work
> try furniture and wood soap
> doesn't work and just made it more sticky
> the wood is slighty chipping
> now it's just wet and sticky and I don't know what to do

What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

Anonymous L joined in and replied with this 2 months ago, 6 days later, 1.6 year after the original post[Top] #5,309

I like butt wax.

Anonymous M joined in and replied with this 2 months ago, 1 week later, 1.6 year after the original post[Top] #5,345

I was in the same situation. She was absolute human perfection, and I somehow did end up fucking her even though she's genuinely a 9 and I'm a fat 4. It was the kind of sex to which you'll compare all sex for the rest of your life. We were falling for each other, and I was falling even harder, but she didn't want it to turn into a relationship. So that just killed me, and I couldn't even bring myself to look at her anymore because it was too soul-crushing knowing I climbed to the top of Mt. Olympus and touched the peak but couldn't stay there.

TL;DR: Go for it if she's the pinnacle of beauty and she'll give you superhuman-level sex, and you can accept ruining a really great friendship.

Anonymous N joined in and replied with this 1 month ago, 1 week later, 1.6 year after the original post[Top] #5,361

It was never going to happen. If it could have then it would have. You're not good enough for her. Just admit it to yourself and move on.

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