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Topic: I quite admire the Queen and her success as a world leader.

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.4 year ago #1,673

I quite admire the Queen and her success as a world leader. I am glad we are (on paper) a constitutional monarchy.

I don't bitch about YOUR president at all. I am actually very glad that, despite the extremely vocal media and minority, democracy was upheld and the established rules of the vote were upheld, and Trump became your elected president.

Our PRIME MINISTER has soft hands, and has never worked a genuine day in his life. I think the reason his party was elected was two fold:

1) Millennials had known nothing else really except a rather anti-science, heavy-handed conservative government, and were duped by a good looking guy spitting their catchphrases (ie. feminist). Everyone else now is shrugging "same old liberal entitlement again".

2) Atlantic Canada is known for making decent profits on fisheries (not everyone, but some) and then going on welfare for the rest of the year while they blow their cash on a new truck. The previous conservatives put restrictions on the welfare they could claim. Liberals simply promised to reverse those restrictions, and Atlantic Canada responded by turning out in record numbers to vote for them.

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