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Topic: Which method would be safer?

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.3 year ago #1,683

Let's say I was taking 7g of marijuana from Canada over the US border (driving not flying). Which method would be safer?

1. Vacuum sealed and taped to my crotch/inner thigh.
2. Placed into 4 ziplock bags, ziplock bags placed into bottle of shampoo, bottle of shampoo placed into backpack which will be full of MANY things including another bottle of shampoo.

> inb4 buy weed when you get across the border

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 1.3 year ago, 5 hours later[Top] #5,224

Shampoo bottle seems less prone to discovery. But why not just put the bags in the trunk with the donut? Surely they don't strip-search the car?

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