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Topic: How do we make /bijou/ more attractive to celebrities?

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.3 year ago #1,686

Here's the deal: I am trying to come up with ways to make /bijou/ seem more attractive to high class people like celebrities. Imagine if Kim Kardashian came out and said: "hell yes, I love /bijou/ and its my favorite site, i mean /bijou/!! it's so cute!"

I think /bijou/ has great potential, but it's lagging behind right now. What we need is a way to attract users via billboards, TV commercials, celebrity endorsements. #getdownwith/bijou/ would be a great tag line, but correct me if I'm wrong
Imagine if Tom Cruise came out and said: "hey yeah, I love 4ct and I love to be in /bijou/. It's just a great fit for me"

These celebrities are the prime users. I think it would be a great user story to imagine what we would need to do to attract them to /bijou/

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 1.3 year ago, 4 hours later[Top] #5,227

I suppose you could add 'signatures' that allow people to show their various social site profiles with their posts.

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