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Topic: Why are tattooed people scumbags, /bijou/?

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.2 year ago #1,688

> at the beach
> enjoying some chips at a takeaway shop
> look across the street
> good-looking woman in a bikini
> erection intensifies
> she turns around
> tattoo on her shoulder
> welp, there goes the erection

Not long after...

> see the same woman
> she's with her boyfriend
> he has numerous visible tattoos
> he looks like a degenerate
> "sorry, Sir, but you did not make the shortlist for this job"
> he probably wouldn't remember if he was shortlisted anyway, in between hits of meth
> they walk off
> that's that, then
> even if she was single, I dodged a fucking bullet because of her tattoo/s

Is there a direct correlation between people who willingly desecrate their body, and some kind of "genetic predisposition" to being a gigantic, irredeemable loser? Does it lie on a deep neurological level?

Why are all tattooed people such cataclysmic fuckups?

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