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Topic: He wont stop messaging her.

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.2 year ago #1,689

Ok /bijou/ i need help. Im uk anon and have a friend. Shes 17 and some guy is stalking her and using her name to create fake snap accounts. He wont stop messaging her.
We have contacted the police and although through my eyes this is identity fraud they aren't prepared to do anything.

Any fellow uks have any ideas what to do? Is there anything we can do to sort this? Yes she is hot and no you guys aint getting a pic .... im one of you and i normally say tits or gtfo except on the serious ones....sometimes i think we can be a fucking hilarious place. Take the piss out of new fags and betas but people in shit and fucked up situations are vulnerable and are real people. If this was your daughter and some fucking guy is telling her to run away with him and all this shit

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