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Topic: Macron's email being hacked.

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.2 year ago #1,698

So I'm watching the news and I'm hearing about Macron's email being hacked.
> Haven't been here for two days
> Too much work
> mfw when I hear apparently one of you fuckers did it

Seriously, what the hell. Was it a /bijou/tard?

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 1.2 year ago, 5 minutes later[Top] #5,229

Macron says "some" of the leaks are fake, but won't tell what is real and what is forged.

Either way, fuck that pussy. If the French vote for a pussy who literally told them to get used to terrorism, then they deserve to be raped, cuckolded, and murdered.

I honestly have no idea where the spine of the European people went. The women are happy of course, because they'll get the violence and domination they've been lacking for decades since they psychologically castrated their boys and men, but thousands of years of history and democracy will be thrown away for it.

Been thinking about converting, to be honest.

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