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Topic: Name one reason why a straight male jacking off with other straight males is gay in any way...

Anonymous A started this discussion 2 months ago #1,746

> Protip: you literally fucking can't
In fact, the only reason why anyone would not want to jack off around his bros is because he is secretly a faggot and is scared that being around all those hard cocks and semen loads will turn him on. The fact that I can get hard and beat off (to STRAIGHT porn) with a few other guys just proves that I am truly straight because I'm not attracted to the other dudes jerking off next to me. I hardly even notice anyways because I'm focused on watching some hot bitch with bimbo milk bags get her box demolished. It's not that I prefer to jack off with other guys; but being in the company of a few chill bros isn't a reason not to have a group beat sesh. In fact, it's one of the best ways two or more straight men can bond. A few chill bros knocking back a few brews, watching the big game, and then queing up pornhub on the big screen and having an 8-man circle jerk and a game of soggy biscuit is as straight and normal as a back yard game of football.
Anyone who even attempts to question this undeniable fact is a closet faggot and total pussy who should seriously grow up and come out of the closet already. It's fucking 2018 for christ's sake, nobody gives a shit if you're a homo, just sack up and admit it and stay the fuck out of my straight group stroke sessions, candy ass faggot.
> Inb4 tired "not gay if the balls don't touch" jokes.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 2 months ago, 1 week later[Top] #5,481

Not sure if sarcasm, but i'll take the bait.

The main argument is adultery is legislated against in a lot of cultures. There are punishments, laws, rules...

If monogamy was so natural... why would we need laws? How many laws are there mandating that you should breathe? or eat? or sleep?

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 1 month ago, 2 weeks later, 3 weeks after the original post[Top] #5,576

All porn threads should be in one contaminate thread. Prove me wrong

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