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Topic: Fairness is a human concept.

Anonymous A started this discussion 3 weeks ago #1,752

The universal laws that govern all life care little for our feelings.
As the other anon so eloquently stated: deal with it.

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Well Marxism, as tested in multiple times during history, failed. Why? The human element. In theory, Marxism is great. Allows ordinary people equal opportunity. However, with Marxism also comes corruption, see Russia during the Cold War.

Objectivism, if it was introduced and taught from a young age, could bring an age of innovation never before seen. Emotion taken out of the equation. I would honestly personally backstab everyone I've ever met, in order to reach to that point. If you haven't, read the Fountainhead. It honestly changed my life.

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Slavery is good and morally right. Should have been reformed but not abolished. Abolishing slavery was the beginning of the end for western civilisation

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