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Topic: I'm so ashamed of the white race.

Anonymous A started this discussion 3 weeks ago #1,756

I'm literally crying right now I'm so ashamed of the white race and our crimes against the Mighty, Proud Black Race. I have seen Black Panther more than 100 times. I give 60% of my weekly walmart paycheck to my Black neighbor, Mike. I also wash his car every week, clean his house, pay his electric bill, post his bail when necessary, and force my wife to fuck him at gunpoint. I volunteer at the county jail so I can suck off as many Black Men as possible and vomit their cum into my wife's pussy to make more Powerful African American Babies and destroy the white race. When Trayvon Martin was killed I glued a photo of Andrew Zimmern to my white son's face and beat him without mercy. I place ads on craigslist every week inviting Members of the Superior Black Race to come to my house and kick my ass, steal my tv and money and fuck me up the asshole, and they do so every single day. But it's not enough. How do I better serve the Mighty Black Kings we owe so much to?

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 2 weeks ago, 1 week later[Top] #5,476

A black man, a mexican and a white man meet a genie. The genie grants them one wish each.
The mexican guy wishes that Mexico was rich and prosperous and that all mexican people could move back to Mexico and live peaceful, happy lives.
The black guy thinks that is a beautiful idea and wishes that Africa was the same and all black people would move to Africa and live long, peaceful, happy lives in their own continent.
The genie asks the white guy what he wants and he says "all the blacks are in africa and all the mexicans are back in mexico? I'll have a glass of coke.

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