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Topic: Conor McGregor is a faggot.

Anonymous A started this discussion 3 months ago #1,772

It is befitting that I leave the game just like I came in, beating a big bad monster who knocks out everybody and no one can whup him. That's when little Khabib Abdulmanapovich from Tsumadinsky, Dagestan, came up to stop Rafael dos Anjos. The man who annihilated Donald Cerrone. HE WAS GONNA KILL ME! But he is bigger than Conor. He has better wrestling and BJJ than Conor. He's a better fighter than Conor. And I'm better now than I was when you saw that 25-years old undeveloped kid running from dos Anjos. I'm experienced now, professional. Jaw's been tested, been rocked a couple of times, I'm bad! Been slapping Artem. I done something new for this fight. I done wrestled with a bear. That's right. I have wrestled with a bear. I done tussled with a real estate agent. I done handcuffed dollythrowers, thrown chickens in jail.

And you, Conor McGregor, all you chumps are going to bow when I whup him. All of ya. I know you've got him. I know you've got him picked. But the man's in trouble. I'm going to show you how great I am.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 3 months ago, 1 week later[Top] #5,527

Can't stand all the fake bullshit McGregor does at his press conferences. Can't stand the fact the UFC constantly market his 'mental warfare', use the bus incident in the promotional materials for the fight and try to create as pathetic an thuggish an atmosphere as possible. If Dana had an ounce of honour he would have told Danis to stfu at the fights

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