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Topic: Okay so I have an idea for a game, check it out.

Anonymous A started this discussion 1 month ago #1,774

It's an open world MMO and all players have furry chars.

The objective is to become the alpha male and to do that you gotta rape other players. Btw everyone starts as a male.

To rape someone you attack them and once they are down you can proceed with the actual rape.

The more you rape the bigger and stronger you become, also your dick grows as well. The more you are raped, the smaller, weaker and more feminine you become, also your dick shrinks. It can shrink to the point that you become a female.

Once you become a female you can get pregnant and once you give birth you'll play as the newborn male, and you will inherit characteristics of the male that impregnated your female self so it's better to get preggers by the most alphest dude you can find. But since you'll be really weak you can get raped by anybody.

So what do you think?

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 4 weeks ago, 2 weeks later[Top] #5,542

You can always but a ouji board and try it out yourself

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