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Topic: Laws for women.

Anonymous A started this discussion 2 months ago #1,782

1) Must be within the age bracket of 18-39. If the woman exceeds this, she must be willing to undergo plastic surgery to correct obvious signs of aging.
2) Must have C-cup or better breasts. Breasts must not register at all on the ptosis scale.
3) Must have less than 20% body fat.
4) Must not be taller or heavier than the man.
5) Must not have unnaturally colored hair.
6) Must not have hair on her legs, under her arms, on her pubic region, or any other location besides her head.
7) Must be able to cook and clean with skill and efficiency.
8) Must adhere to a strict dress code set by her man, including nudity if desired.
9) Should her man have friends over, she must cook, clean, and even act as entertainment if desired.
10) A woman should never speak unless spoken to. Opinions are for men; women are for service.

> Don't mind me. I'm just interrupting your unending stream of cock worship, you gibbering faggots.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 2 months ago, 2 days later[Top] #5,520

What do girls actually want in a man? Ive seen girls turn down the muscle guy for the skinny guy and chads for nerds but are there general things that women want? extra points for things most dont think of(aside from the obvious dont be a bitch, good hygiene). Like what would make a girl want to actually feel comfortable/attracted enough to you to move in with you.

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