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Topic: Seriously though, Illegal Immigrants aren't good for any country.

Anonymous A started this discussion 1 month ago #1,823

They artificially stagnate wages by doing work for way too cheap and living in squalor.
They take jobs Americans do want (Landscaping, construction, contractors, entry level jobs).
They put a strain on public budgets. (Police, Schools)
They don't understand the culture of America and ruin the culture either through elections with their votes or simply just being here.
Differences in culture between people cause a lot of friction.
Taking in immigrants from other countries makes the countries they are emigrating from worse. Why try to fix your corrupt government's country when you can just run away to America? If we continue to take in people, those countries will always remain corrupt and run by gangs.

I'm not trolling or anything. Just hoping someone actually critically thinks about this stuff.

Don't vote for Democrats and more immigration just because "WAH TRUMP IS RACIST AND BAD!"

Immigration isn't a good thing and there are good reasons to oppose it that aren't racist.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 1 month ago, 1 minute later[Top] #5,626


I assume you are being paid to push this "democrats want open boarders" bullshit. Just like Trump paid the caravan of immigrants to rush to the boarder for a good fox news cover story.

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 1 month ago, 1 minute later, 3 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,627

@OP Great points, but also the age of automation is about to hit us in the next 20 years, displacing millions of jobs. Importing millions of low skill workers is the exact opposite what we should be doing.

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uhh... guys... it uhhh... was durrrr... uhh... wha- oh yeah uhhhhhhhhh
fuckin soibois


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