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Topic: Raped by a group of rich bros

Anonymous A started this discussion 1 month ago #1,856

A friend of mine was a social worker for a woman that was raped by a group of rich bros. When they went to court they used the video that one of the bros took of them raping her as evidence, but the judge claimed it seemed to be consensual despite the fact that the video shows them slapping her every time she tries to leave. Woman lost her job, they threatened to counter-sue (daddy's rich lawyer), now she's still in debt to legal fees and has nothing for it. This happened about twenty years ago. Point is women get raped constantly and there's more than a good chance some amateur vids on xvideos and pornhub are women who're drugged/raped.
The U.S legal system has more propensity to prosecute stealing $5 from a corporation than it does to prosecute a rapist. Just look at the Catholic Church situation...rape is part of American culture and it will continue to be as long as other people look away.

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omg mercy her soul anon

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