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Topic: bank bailouts

Anonymous A started this discussion 2 months ago #1,860

Wasn't the 2008 GFC and the bank bailouts perfect for revolting and going into civil war? The banks took homes of hundreds of thousands on loans that were blatantly predatory.

You fucking burgers love your weapons and your civil wars. Why didn't you do it? You could have changed the world and redeemed yourself across the globe.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 2 months ago, 5 days later[Top] #5,693

My gf always moans when we do it normally, we haven't been able yet to do it it in the ass, she's lost practice. I've never seen a dick irl, but she says it's quite thicker than she used to do. I'l measure the width next time, but I don't know what's the average either

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 2 months ago, 5 days later, 1 week after the original post[Top] #5,744

Bail my ball sack.

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