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Topic: I was thinking okay she is talking about this a lot maybe she has a fetish.

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.9 year ago #1,864

I think I fucked up /bijou. I met this girl yesterday and she kept mentioning pee after she said she had to use the bathroom. We walked to find a bathroom (we were outside in a park) and she talks about how she jokes with her friends in a chat about piss and even says how it used to be called "pissing in an ocean of piss" to post on 4ct. I was thinking okay she is talking about this a lot maybe she has a fetish.

She talked about how her friends in this chat joke about her having a pee fetish and I say how no one calls it a urine fetish it's always pee. Urine is so clinical. Anyway I am at this point thinking yes she is into pissing. Who would use the word so much and bring up having to go to the bathroom otherwise? Says she drinks alot of water which obviously again means she pees a lot and I'm thinking I get it ok.

Fast forward a bit she says we can watch the game at her place so now I REALLY know that she is getting at some weird piss thing. Has to be because why not stay in public where the game is playing anyway. We go there and I swear within MIINUTES she brings up having to go to the bathroom AGAIN.

I might be a little dumb but I'm not completely oblivious so I follow her into the bathroom and push the door open as she is closing it. I ask if I can watch and she starts laughing, visibly embarrassed that I've caught on (but how could you not???). I tell her I wouldn't be so insistent if I didn't mean it and she keeps staring at me all bewildered looking. She says no and slowly closes the door in my face. I get that she was bashful so I pretend to walk away but actually listen to her pee. I wasn't going to tell her but I knew she'd find it hot so when she comes out of the bathroom I tell her that I listened and she asks "to me pee?" and I say yeah.

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