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Topic: What is the appeal of Cucking?

Anonymous A started this discussion 2 weeks ago #1,938

Yes, hotwife better term. Love to she another guys cock going in and out of her pussy, in diffrent ppstions, and her moaning and enjoying it. Over this past summer, I went back home out of state.. hooked up with a mutual friends of ours. Had a few beers with him and ended up showing him nudes of my wife that I had on by cell phone. Layer that night I called my wife and told her. I was surprised on how turned on she got. We ended up having hot phone sex that night. Now when I fuck her I tell her how rich our friend has seen her naked and her pussy. She gets so wet.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 2 weeks ago, 3 days later[Top] #5,869

gf doesn't know that I want her to cuck me. lookin for advice on how to approach bringing it up to her. Kik me if you have any


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