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Topic: I now believe that it was a weird one-off.

Anonymous A started this discussion 2 weeks ago #1,954

21, and the only time I've had sex was when I was 16 and it was a weird drug-fuelled experience with my psycho crush that I still can't believe happened

> be me, 16 years old
> have a crush on a girl that i'm friends with
> she's a legit 9/10 and lightyears out of my league
> she's very fucked up though
> very promiscuous and heavily involved in drugs
> still a nice girl deep down
> she calls me one weekend and says her boyfriend was mean towards her and cheated on her and she was crying the whole time
> asks me to go over to her house
> when i get there she's a mess, both physically and emotionally
> regales me with stories about how horrible her boyfriend is
> says she wants to get high but doesn't have enough money
> she asks if i can lend her some and she'll pay me back
> i say okay and give her some money
> she tells me to stay in her house while she goes out
> she comes back half an hour later with MDMA and meth
> i've never done drugs
> we get very high together
> she rambles on some more about stuff
> climbs onto me and starts kissing me and moving my hands over her body
> she starts sucking my dick
> we take off our clothes and she rides me
> i was a virgin and so i came pretty quickly
> she climbs off me and falls asleep on her bed
> i'm lying there awkwardly not sure what to do

Still the only time I've had sex. I now believe that it was a weird one-off.

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