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Topic: How do you feel about Bisexuality?

SuperFratBoyExtreme started this discussion 1 week ago #1,970

I’m probably one of the kind of bisexuals that gay people really hate because I’m not particularly attracted to men and have no interest in having a relationship with a man, but every once in a while I have a hot need to get railed by one or have my way with a cute twink or femboy.

There’s a different sexual energy I’ve experienced with other men that’s purely carnal — I just want to fuck and get on with my day without a second thought except for how hot it was. That’s much easier to do with men than women, but sex with women is more emotionally satisfying to me.

I’ve had fun with other men, but being bi feels like the kind of thing you enjoy on occasion while young and then put away when it’s time to settle down and raise a family.

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