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Topic: Extremist of either side are retarded?

Anonymous A started this discussion 2 weeks ago #2,018

Can we ALL agree that extremist of either side are retarded? They believe and support their opinions so much that it affects their lifestyles negatively. When a side makes fun of the other, in the form of memes, extremists are the target because they are laughable. It's just that the extremist left is just somewhat more stupid than the extremist right.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 2 weeks ago, 13 minutes later[Top] #5,950

The problem is that the numbers of people on the far left greatly outnumbers those in the Alt-right. People are begging for socialism, even communism on all social media platforms. Hardly anyone accepts the alt-right (rightfully). Somehow socialism is looked upon lovingly and nazism (far-left) frowned upon even though they are both socialist ideologies. They have both killed millions upon millions.

The far left has moved into the mainstream democratic party. The majority of the right is in some ways becoming more classically liberal and is not moving to the extreme in the same way as the left is.

The left would like you to believe there are neonazis in the millions walking the streets committing hate crimes but that is just not true. Most of the hate crimes that have gotten traction in the media has turned out to be hoaxes.

SuperFratBoyExtreme joined in and replied with this 2 weeks ago, 12 minutes later, 26 minutes after the original post[Top] #5,951

I don't pretend to look smart. I'm not an expert in politics either. I just look at what happens around the world. There's no real functional system on any government. Capitalism, Communism, Socialism... Everything is the same shit to me.

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